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What are microgreens you ask? They are the young shoots or edible leafs of vegetables and herbs that are harvested a few days after germination. They are packed full of nutrients & vitamins and will excite your palette with their full flavour while adding nutritional value to your everyday meals.

At Urban Valley Farm we custom grow and deliver Microgreens right to your door any time of the year. Grown from non GMO organic seeds and with top quality soil mediums.


We pride ourselves on making delicious edible creations such as pickles, apple butter, jellies and more. There are a few outdoor gardens onsite that we harvest and sell at the local farmers market. We are always learning new, exciting and innovative ways to grow food for you!


Low maintenance, zesty and flavourful

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"Love that red pepper jelly."

— Urban Valley Farm customer

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We pride

Urban Valley Farm evolved from a long-time passion for growing, creating and making products that people love to eat. From my indoor grown gourmet microgreens, seasonal outdoor grown fruit & vegetables, handmade jellies and pickled products, the intention is to delight your taste buds with flavour and a memorable farm to table experience. I am always learning and have awoken a real affection, appreciation and respect for our farming community across Ontario, Canada and all over the world. The drive to create local, sustainable and beneficial food/products motivates and excites me to keep moving forward. Follow me on my learning journey. Here I GROW!!

Tiffany Smiley

Creator, maker, grower, mother, wife, daughter & friend at Urban Valley Farm.